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The following stories are "windows into our souls" of sorts. They reveal our core values. They were published in The Network Journal online edition and Caribbean American Weekly. the The Network Journal magazine. the Caribbean American Weekly newspaper. In 10 short years, consumer and business technology has made numerous advances from workstations to tablets; to in-the-cloud storage and telecommunications to virtual offices supported by consultant marketplaces. Museums use holographs. Hmmm...soon we all will request "Scottie to beam us up".


Match Made in Cyber Space - Published Jun 16, 2013 

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The Eyes on Cyber Life - Published Jun 06, 2013 

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Capital Formation Options for Business - Published Aug 16, 2012

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Filling the Unemployment Quagmire - Published issue 46 volume 11

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2013 Social Media Sweethearts - Published May 20, 2013

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