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Just as the head leads the body, the board of directors, trustees or steering committee leads the enterprise. Please, take a moment to see where your organization is and where you want it to be?

Have the vision? Partner with Planning to Succeed and be there!

Your organization has gone from the drawing board to reality.
The time the group spent in forming the institution now bears
fruit for your clients.

Keep the vision sharp and the team primed--willing to go the next level.

Planning To Succeed offers a comprehensive service package to our clients. Based on an assessment of capabilities and needs, we work with you to build your board, trustees or steering committee.

Training Modules
  • Fit & Ready: Working within Change
  • Fiduciary and Financial Responsibilities
  • Vision and Mission Statement Creation
  • By-Laws
  • Board Member Profiles
  • Participatory Program Evaluations
  • Marketing 101
  • Fundraising & Special Events Planning
  • Fund Management & Cost Allocation

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