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Neighborhood-Anchored Funding. Direct Marketing with a Local Attitude

Secure your future while growing in the eyes of the community your nonprofit serves with Neighborhood Anchored Funding (NAF).

It's Effective
It's Immediate
It Communicates Your Service to the Community

Direct Marketing continues to prove itself to be the consistent and most immediate fund raising method. Larger nonprofits (local radio stations, theater companies, and youth & family service organizations) use this cost effective strategy and so should you. Done with integrity, your neighborhood knows you and supports you. The additional spin off is the increased leverage for corporate and foundation giving.

5 Keys of Neighborhood-Anchored Funding

  • Government & Community Relations:

    Let people into your world with press releases, newsletters, web content & flyers, posters, brochures, email marketing, forums, conferences, and workshops. 
    We will connect you to media producers.
  • Appeals Communication:

    People need to know YOUR story. What is your cause and vision? Ask people for their financial support and state the desired amount. Ask more than twice (don�t be shy). 
    We draft telephone call scripts, letters, full proposals, ad copy, email messages, public service announcements, and seasonal request cards. Remember two things: the end of the year is when people are most apt to swipe their credit card for a cause and texting is the most painless way to give.
  • Donor Prospecting:

    People give to those they know and whose objectives are like theirs. We identify people, corporations, banks, foundations and public agencies most likely to give to you. We arrange initial meetings.
  • Donor Management:

    Giving is a relationship between you and your supporters. Acknowledging, informing, and engaging your supporters in the work strengthen that bond. We send thank-you letters, progress reports, newsletters and invitations to events.
  • Database Management:

    Have databases that contain key information about your existing and prospective funders.  

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